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Current Beers

Tropical Wheat

Our Belgian witbier has all the refreshing twang expected from the torrified wheat. Brewed like Belgians… well apart from the late addition of lemongrass and cardamom.

Amber ale

London-amber-ale-craft-beerThe pale ale is their twist on the classic American craft beer. Packed with Lots of great hops from both the UK and the US and a lovely nutty body it’s a beer you’ll keep coming back for.

Hills Pills

hills-pills-london-craft-beerOur flag ship craft lager, brewed with only 4 ingredients, this Pilsner is popular for weddings, christenings as well as in the pubs.

British Bitter

Dark amber in colour, steeped in hops before fermentation to create a deeper hop aroma. This beer is the perfect all year round craft bitter.

Occasional Beers

Session Pale Ale

Session Pale Ale

Our session pale ale is thrice hopped with a mixture of US and UK hops giving an explosion of hoppy flavours.

Christmas Blonde

Our Belgian blond sees the malt take the leading role. Matured for months to balance the strong biscuit malt flavours and those Belgian yeast characteristics. It’s a real winter warmer.

Please note. These beers may come back. some of them are just seasonal beers.

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