Experimental wheat beer


About a month ago we thought we should re-visit wheat beer. This is something that we have visited before but not for a couple of years. Today we cut short our bottling period by a couple of day to see how it tastes.

So here is our quick look review:


We wanted a cloudy appearance and got it. The beer looked pretty much like any German Hefeweizen. Maybe slightly clearer.


This beer had was 60% wheat, which is quite high. We used a Safbrew WB-06 Yeast as it ferments well at room temperature and gives a nice fruity flavour. We add a mixture of three types of hops including Leafed Mittelfruh.


There was a lovley lemony aroma to the pint, and then that beautiful yeasty, wheaty malt flavour, and then it finished with spicy and citrussy hop . However, despite the taste being good, it was all little bit too similar to other beers in the market.

So this brew needs quite a bit of work before we can start scaling up. Back to the recipe board we go!

The brew in Numbers

Litres made
Primary Fermentation time(days)
Secodary fermentation

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